Lita Ford Guitars are Actual Post-1997 Hamer Serial Numbered Guitars. They are customized to the specifications of her classic Runaways , Salt and Pepper guitars.

Custom changes include Lacquer Paint. Aged Clear Coat. Binding, DiMarzio Pickups, Gibson Hardware and all American Parts. The guitars are then hand distressed to mimic the exact wear found on the instruments that Lita plays. These are guitars that Lita will play, fantastic instruments and one of a kind collectable pieces of art.

Included with the purchase of the guitar is a complete  concert experience where you enjoy a soundcheck, with a backstage private meet before and after the show.

You will spend exclusive time with Lita for practically the entire evening. Meet her band, then get ready to join Lita on stage when she plays your guitar LIVE and hands it to you personally in front of screaming fans.

These guitars are available for $3900 and exclusive to Lita Ford Concert Events.

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